Rodagon-F 5.6/40
Precision Optics for F-Mount

Precision Optics for F-Mounts

The Rodagon-F Series was developed by Qioptiq to adapt precision industrial-grade optics to an F-Mount camera, with a great price/performance ratio. Now, for the first time, users can integrate world re- knowned Rodenstock image quality in 40 - 60 mm focal lengths directly onto F-Mount cameras and the image circle of these lenses is 44 mm.

Key features

- Suitable for line-scan cameras and large imaging sensors

- Large image circle up to 46 mm

- High numerical aperture

- Focal length: 40 ... 60 mm

- Magnification range: 0 ... -0.5

- Spectral range: 400 ... 750 nm

- Iris diaphragm: fix

- Mount: F-Mount

- Filter thread: M40.5x0.5

- Wide range of mechanical accessories


Large format 렌즈의 배율, F/# 입력을 통해

유용한 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다.


1) Back Focal Length

2) Working Distance

3) Total Track

4) DOF


Family Rodagon 
Partnumber 0703-090-000-26 
Focal length 40 mm
Image circle 44 mm
Sensor Format(Inch)
F/# 5.6 
Iris Option
MOD 94 mm
Distortion -0.1 %
Magnification range 0.5 ~ ∞ x
Magnification 0.1 x
Wavelength 400 ~ 750 
Type Fixed focal length 
Maker Qioptiq 


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