On Humility
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To me, the fundamental concerns, strategy, values, and principle of Envision can be summed up in one word: Humility. I feel that humility is the most  important virtue for successfully running a company and realizing good lives.

I looked up “humility” in a dictionary  while struggling to understand what true humility means. The dictionary defined “humility” as ‘the attitude of humbling one's self and being meek to others'.

However, as I tried to humble myself and become meek to achieve humility, I felt I was becoming more and more of a two-faced hypocrite . Then one day, I came across the following definition of humility in a book titled 'The Purpose Driven Life', which cleared my turmoil:

Humility is not thinking less of yourself;
It is to think less of oneself.
It is to think more of others.
Humble people are so focused on
serving others than thinking of themselves.

This made me realize that it is the focus  - rather than the relative positions - of a relationship that defines humility.

Generally, people and companies seek to use the limited resources at their disposal to satisfy their needs and desires as fully as possible. They sometimes go so far as to take resources from others by force to overcome their own limitations. They also build walls in their relationships to protect their resources from others.

However, those who are humble, that is, those who think more of others than of themselves  and are focused on  serving others, do not hide behind walls; on the contrary, people build bridges to reach out to others. They do so because they wish to be served and supported with resources, by those who are humble. Thus it is said that pride builds walls between people, while humility builds bridges; in this sense, humility is the oil that smoothes and soothes relationships.

In pursuit of humility, Envision will serve our members, customers, partners, and society with a view to Supporting Your Vision. We do so simply because this is the purpose of Envision’s existence.

Envision aims to be great.
We aim to become great by making our members great.

Envision will succeed.
We will succeed by supporting our customers and partners in their pursuit of success.

Envision pursues the dream and vision of betterment.
We pursue the dream and vision of betterment by helping society realize its dream and vision of betterment.

We will work for your vision.
Supporting Your Vision!

Duke P Kim, CEO, Envision Co., Ltd.