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To ensure your customers'
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Envision Global Partnership

To ensure your customers' continuous competitive advantage
ENVISION Global Partnership

Click on the map to see the global partners of ENVISION.

Teledyne DALSA Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
The world's No. 1 company in sensor/camera total solutions for machine vision, such as CCD/CMOS sensors, camera with various lineups, frame grabbers and image processing software. In cooperation with Envision, the company develops and supplies various products suitable for the Korean market.
Image sensor, CCD/CMOS camera, framing, vision processor, vision software, vision solution, custom solution
Zhejiang HuaRay Technology Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
With an annual production capacity of 50 million cameras and a revenue of 4 trillion won, China's private/unicon company focuses on the development, rapid supply and support of various products, including Area scan cameras and Smart cameras.
Machine Vision Camera, Smart Camera, 3D Camera, Industrial Lens, SDK
Teledyne e2v
Helmsford, England
Leading innovators, one of the companies in Teledyne Technologies group, in healthcare, life sciences, space, transportation, defense and security, and industry innovation. Providing camera sensors, line scan cameras, and more
RF Power solutions, High Performance imaging solutions
LMI Technologies Inc.
British Columbia, Canada
The world's leading 3D optical technology manufacturer of LCI (Line Conical Imaging) sensors. Global technology leaders with a combination of fast and accurate 3D topographic maps, tomography, and 2D gray scale strength imaging
3D dimensions, Surface roughness, Burr height, Seal integrity inspection, 3D profiles, Tomography, Optical sensors, On-line quality control, Metrology systems, Line Confocal Imaging , LCI
Bad Kreuznach, Germany
An optical partner company that has been working with Envision for over 20 years as a company specializing in high-performance lenses with a history of 100 years. Envision have worked with the German headquarters to develop high-end lenses for FPD in Korea
Lenses for photography, enlarging, digital photography, motion picture projection, digital projection, eyeglasses, Industrial filters, and digital filters
Munich, Germany
A German partner (formerly LINOS) offering world-class optical solutions in semiconductor, medical/life sciences, defense and space. Development and various cooperation in machine vision field in manufacturing industry
High quality precision lenses, compact lenses, telecentric lenses, macro lenses with fixed or variable focal length, measuring lenses for large image sensors, illumination units, and mechanical access
Carl Zeiss
Jena, Germany
No.1 optical company develops/manufactures top-notch lenses in various fields such as glasses, photography, medical care, semiconductors and aviation. Envision works as an exclusive domestic supplier from Industrial Optics within consumer products department.
telecentric lens, interferometry lens, photography F-mount lens, lens testing systems, and customized solutions
Edmund Optics Inc.
Barrington, Philadelphia, USA
With a 70-year-old tradition, it is the world's largest optical solution company that supplies various optical solutions and related parts, including lasers, filters and lenses. it develops/provides optical products for machine vision in cooperation with U.S. headquarters and Edmund Korea
Optics, Mechanics, Lasers, Electro-Optics, Imaging, Illumination, Testing and Targets, Microscopy
Young Optics(구Mejiro)
Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Partners who have produced/supplied lenses for 12k and 16k line scan cameras in various magnification. Applying a floating design to most lenses. Provide a lens of random magnification within the range without separate development
Line scan lens, Fresnel lighting optics.
Chiopt Optotech Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou, China
Chiopt was established in 2010, as a high-tech enterprise, focusing on independent R&D, design, production, sales and continuous service of high level optical lenses, our two production bases with world leading FA lens industry chain make us capable of providing satisfied and customized product design(ODM) as well as integrated solutions quickly.
Line scan Lens, Area scan Lens, Telecentric Lens, Compact Lens
CanRill Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
“Can-Rill Optics”has been in operation for almost a decade . During this time , we have become the largest Telecentric lens manufacturer in china , have accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of projects, have earned the trust of customers in all regions of the country and high partner status in the precision machine vision industry .
Telecentric Lens
Pomeas Inc.
Dongguan, China
Pomeas has a large manufacturing center in Dongguan, Guangdong, with lens processing, machining, clean assembly, quality control, storage and other production sectors, and hardware and software development, components and program display; optical laboratory, Display the core sector, with research and development, manufacturing, service one-stop capacity.
Zoom Lens, Tele-centric Lens, Industry Lens, Vision Illumination, Industry Camera, Microscope
SZ Vico
Huizhou, Guangdong,China
Telecentric lens specialist, with over 300 commercial products and experience in developing custom lenses in a variety of applications. Companies that respond to rapidly changing customer needs/environment through rapid development/delivery and communication
Bi-telecentric lens, Big size lighting, Object telecentric, Others
Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Neurocle is a company that provides Deep Learning Vision Software to solve image analysis problems in various fields from manufacturing to Logistics. Neurocle’s Auto Deep Learning algorithm enables everyone can easily create best performing deep learning models for image analysis with few clicks and drags. Neuro-T aims to generalize the deep learning vision technology, and cooperates with Envision to open the era of new deep learning vision technology.
Deep Learning Vision Software, AI
Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Computer imaging company that supplies computer graphics, imaging, and video solutions. Mainly supplied frame grabber and image processing library for machine vision
Vision Development Program, Framegrabber, Smart Camera, Vision Processor, Standalone Vision System
Ilmenau, Germany
Massive parallel image processing on high-performance GPGPUs (general purpose graphic processing units) allows the shortest measuring times to be achieved and the measuring devices and 3D sensors can be used not only in the laboratory but also in production and inline. A product line of GBS mbH is the 3D surface metrology for micro and nanostructures based on white light interferometry under the name "smartWLI".
optical 3D sensors, 3D optical profilometer, Portal measuring devices and production-related measuring stations
Lyncee Tec SA
Lausanne, switzerland
A dynamic and innovative company that provides a holographic microscope based on innovative Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM®) technology. Providing custom systems and OEM solutions to meet the specific needs of customers.
a holographic microscope, option, software, etc
Teledyne Photometrics
Tucson, AZ, USA
Teledyne Photometrics designs and manufactures high-performance Scientific CMOS, CCD and EMCCD cameras that support demanding, quantitative bio-research.
Scientific CMOS Camera, Invisible-UV Solution
Revox Co., Ltd.
Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan
REVOX entered the Machine Vision market in 2005. Since then, we have developed original LED light source products for automated web and surface inspection.
high performance LED Line Lighting SPX-TA family and Fiber Illuminator SLG family from REVOX have earned high reputation from customers both home and abroad in the industries of plastics, film, steel, paper, FPDs and solar panels.
REVOX continues to propose effective solutions in diverse fields.
Development, design, manufacturing and sales of optical products and image measurement equipment(Light source device etc.)
Hirakawa Hewtech
Shinagawa-ku, Japan
Specialist in manufacturing and selling electric and electronic industry cables. Companies producing and selling cables worldwide, including Cable Link, USB3Vision, GigE Vision, CoaXPress and IEEE 1394b cables.
Cable, Connector
Alysium-Tech GmbH
Nuremberg, Germany
Companies with extensive experience in connector, cable, and cable assembly as partners in high-performance interconnect solutions. Strong production and engineering capabilities to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions
Machine Vision, Cables, Connectors, Wires, Harness, Assemblies
Components Express, Inc.
Woodridge, Illinois, USA
It specializes in major electrical and electronic components such as cables and connectors, and is the No. 1 cable supplier in machine vision. Envision Secures exclusive supply rights in Korea
Camera-Link Cables, Camera Power Cables, IEEE-1394 cables, LDVS Cables, GigE Cables
Smart Vision Lights
Norton Shores, USA
Smart Vision Lights is the leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for any type of machine vision or automation camera application. Company purpose is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest cost and deliver them to the customer on time.
LED Lighting Solution
Kyoto, Japan
Ever since our establishment, we have stayed true to our motto, "Advancing Society with the Science of Light," and beginning with our image processing inspection LED light products that are used to conduct quality control at the site of manufacture, we have widely expanded our LED light unit and LED device offerings to include UV light irradiation units for resin curing and light exposure, lighting for art exhibits and museums, as well as lighting for medical and agri-bio uses. As of May of 2016, our company has become a member company of the OPTEX GROUP, and we are currently expanding our business operations in the field of industrial LED lighting.
Development, manufacturing and sales of LED lighting and control unit for machine vision
Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, KOREA
Altsystem Co., Ltd. always strives to enable accurate vision inspection by configuring, designing, and developing the key elements of machine vision, such as camera, lens, and lighting, in an optimal combination to meet customer needs through years of know-how and continuous technology investment. are doing
LED lights, power controllers, cameras, lenses, etc.