High Performance 3D Laser Profiler

Introducing Z-Trak 3D Laser Profiler

Z-Trak laser profiler series delivers high resolution height measurements using laser triangulation techniques. These ergonomically designed, compact units feature powerful FIR-peak detector and are factory calibrated for rapid field deployment with minimal effort.

With its wide selection of models, Z-Trak covers measurement ranges from 10 mm to 1000 mm. Z-Trak delivers highly linear, repeatable results by combining reflectance based dynamic laser power control and optimized optical path.

Powerful. Versatile. Easy to Integrate.

The Z-Trak comes in multiple body sizes, packed with powerful features such as FIR-Peak Detector, optimized optical design, factory calibration, adaptive integration time, optimized laser thermal management, field proven software libraries, and many more.

We've meticulously designed the Z-Trak to handle any of the challenges that arise from your application.

The overall result? A high-accuracy, high-resolution 3D laser profiler at a low total-cost of ownership.

Open Platform Software Development Tools

All this and support for GigE Vision standard allows Z-Trak series to work with both the Teledyne DALSA software packages as well as off-the-shelf 3rd party 3D image processing packages. Z-Trak series comes bundled with Sapera LT SDK, Sapera Processing 8.0 Group 1 run-time license or Sherlock 8.0 3D at no additional cost.

Choose from a wide variety of versatile software to best suit your application. Z-Trak is supported by:
Sapera Processing 3D / CamExpert X / Sherlock 3D / GenICam / Stemmer CVB / MVTec Halcon

Key Markets Applications

Industrial: Inline metrology/Volume metric measurements/Robot guidance/Gap and flush/Surface inspection
Electronics: Chip lead inspection/BGA and micro BGA/Solder paste inspection/Bare PCB/Populated PCB
Machine Vision: Parts inspection/Embossed OCR/Embossed barcode/Bead inspection/Pick and place/Wood and lumber inspection/Angular measurements/Part identification


Family Z-Trak 
Partnumber LP1-1400-R3 
Max.FOV 332.5 ~ 950 mm
Max.Optical Resolution 235 ~ 537 μm
Max.Vertical Resolution 100 ~ 600 μm
Working Distance 250 mm
Measuring Range 400 mm
Measurement Speed 3.3K Hz
number of points/profile
Max. Object Slope
Spot Size
Wavelength Red: 660 
Dimensions 36 x 78.4 x 189.6 mm
Pitch (distance between 2 points)
Accuracy 35 μm
Repeatability 8 ~ 20 μm
Maker Teledyne Dalsa